Note to self: You are not your fear

We spend all this time wondering why we are where we are – with love, with our careers, with our passion, with our adventures, with our lives. It is hard. It is difficult accepting being purposeful with your anxiety gawking at you. It is difficult accepting goodness when the potential for failure whirls up a zoo in your gut.

I’m learning now that we all have our jar of fears and while it’s one thing to know your weakness, it is another to think that you are a sum of it. It is easy to allow your insecurities to shine brighter than your spirit. It is easy to let your fears determine your character. But when you look back into your mirror of comparison and I mean really look…you will always see you. Some days with your jar of butterflies and some days, with your jar of strengths. Be bold and be willing, and don’t let fear rob you of your inner heroes.

Let us shine brighter.

C x


Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash