Can we give love another chance?

As millennials, we find ourselves at crossroads because we’re told or seem to believe that love is hard and impossible. Sure, it involves compromise and is a work-in-progress. But when you think about the person you share this love with, it is meant to feel and be beautiful. It is the people you share this love with that often makes it bittersweet. If you or they didn’t find to make it last, maybe it wasn’t love? It might have been something good, just not love. So don’t give up on love and don’t give up on yourself.

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Note to self: Time is too short

❝ Sunsets are proof that there can be beauty in goodbyes — Beau Taplin The sky paints hues of warmth that speak to my being despite the chaos and voices in and around me. Knowing that someone somewhere is watching this beauty unfold with you, is reassuring and beautiful. Wait, stop, hold on for a…

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