Gigs & Guitars

I can’t remember the last time it was as easy to feel at home with someone you hadn’t ever met before. In between Pancake Parlour, the Coldplay concert and the 229 patio, I found two of my best friends. It’s one of the best stories to share as far as serendipitous friendships go – from attending concerts as strangers to living together as soul-friends.

People come into your life for a reason, whether for them to change your life or for you to change theirs. But to find friends that constantly remind you that you are doing something good in life and that make you feel like you are worth it on days that you don’t feel okay is a blessing everyone should experience. They encourage you to live with meaning, to laugh and cry with no inhibitions, to become a better person. They make you consciously choose sunshine over the darkness that dwells. They give you all that you need in life and more. They give you love and kindness without any conditions or expectations. They seek comfort and care, just like you. They get through with you, you get through with them.

Dearest Aakansha and Nicola,

You’re my permanent tribe – a tribe to forever thrive in. If there’s one thing I am sure of in this world of otherwise uncertain thoughts and emotions, it is that you are the constants I want to face every heartbreak, failure, milestone and success with. 

We will forever have each other to wipe away the tears, to hug when we feel alone, to enjoy the warmth of honest conversation around a firepalce, to finish that bottle of wine, to erupt into fits of laughter, to break into song in the middle of a street, to chase sunsets and count stars, to dance with or without music, to dream the kind of dreams that ambition can barely contain, to show up and be the presence that confirms we never have to walk alone. We will forever and always be in each other’s lives, growing together, as we make each other better.

This one’s for you and me.

Love you Mumbai to Melbourne and the skies in between,


Photo by Mitchel Lensink on Unsplash