To grow in grief

When you lose someone you love, you don’t simply grieve their loss. With them, you lose yourself and parts of those around you. With them, you lose friends and family and partners you thought would continually stand by you. With them, you lose light. With them, you lose love. With them, you lose a piece of kindness from your whole. With them, you lose faith in the Almighty. With them, you lose a version of life you were prepared for. With them, you lose a piece of life too.

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Love isn’t perfection

Love is a myriad of moments and emotions and stolen smiles. It is text messages and the kisses he leaves on your forehead, it is fears enveloped in laughter and kisses mixed with alcohol. It is holding a new pair of hands and walking in the rain. It is sharing a box of nuggets in the park and studying together by candlelight. It makes you live and helps you forgive. What it isn’t is perfection. In fact, it is anything but. Often, it can be flawed but most other times it is beautiful, just like this moment—covered in light, content, committed, warm, delicious and cuddly.

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