Be the life of the party

❝ It’s a beautiful thing to have lungs that allow you to breathe air and legs that allow you to climb mountains, and it’s a shame that sometimes we don’t realise that that’s enough.

Look back to your past on a Monday, look upon tomorrow on a Tuesday, reach ahead for your future on a Wednesday, but slow down on a Thursday, be still on a Friday, and be thankful for the present on the weekend.

You can look back to what happened and dwell on every other possibility and you can reach ahead and dream for the future. Or, you could simply be still and appreciate your present. You could slow down and recognise the confusion, frustration, beauty, exhaustion or everything in-between. You could press pause on the to-do lists and goals and feel proud about this very moment, this very you, your very now. You could stop wishing for more and simply be grateful for what you have. You could stop glaring at the road ahead and really notice every sign and bend in the road.

Life is about learning. About seeing. About feeling. About breathing. About being. About living and not simply existing.

Nevermind the failures from the past or the worries from an uncertain future. Let’s smile and kiss and fight and feel rooted. Let’s let go of the anxiety and fear of what we cannot change and focus on the joy and hope for what we can. Let’s stop trying to change yesterday or living for tomorrow. Let’s stop looking for the next person or thing to fill our void. Let’s stop waiting for the ball to drop. Let’s stop blaming ourselves for things we could not control. Instead, let’s relish in where we are and what we have and take note of everyone and everything around us.

At a time where the world seems unfair and cruel and slowly fading, let’s focus on that one act of kindness, that one sweet smile, that raindrop on a hot day, that warm hug on a cold night, that one flower that blooms, or that vibrant sky.

Revel in your ability to breathe and walk and sing. Enjoy the control you have over every choice you make. Love every breath you take. Celebrate all of that and you, celebrate nowBe the life of the party!

Photo by Irina Kostenich on Unsplash