Love is healing

Love picked my broken heart off the floor, wiped away my salty tears and helped me believe that I could start over. It came in different places, times and faces over the years, holding me when I was falling to pieces. Even if temporarily, love lifted my spirit and stopped me from giving up. Whether in the face of a kind stranger or a loving animal, love chose me. And so, I will always choose love.

Even in a world as cynical and criminal as ours, I find myself drawn to love, kindness and gratitude. Despite my fears and constant red flags, I find strength in being vulnerable in situations and relationships. Laying off layers that otherwise push away any chance at happiness. Brighter colours, floating laughter, lingering smiles, lasting rainbows, cheerful streets, blossoming gardens.

We could be many things. Angry, jealous, vindictive, unkind. We could also be loving and loved. Here’s to embracing that feeling in the face of our lows.

Photo by Dragon Pan on Unsplash