Life lesson 27: Sometimes you to have to lose your path to find yourself

The biggest lessons I learned as I evolved through 25 was to let myself grow from each of my experiences and to not be scared of being uncomfortable. I chose to find joy in the journey and live for the out of the ordinary.

As I look back on 26, I continue to draw from this and my biggest lesson has been that sometimes, you have to lose your path to find yourself.

We have vision boards and five-year plans. We have big dreams and lists of goals to get to where we want to be. We have bookmarked articles we intend to read, influencers and philanthropists we wish to be, a long list of places to visit and an aspirational life to lead. We have the constant itch to do more, to be more, to see more. Every now and then, we hit a wall and you’re turning the corner, you lose your path. And while people thrive as they aim high and check off goals, I found that I grew most when I hit a wall and was my most vulnerable self. It was in these times of curiosity and confusion that I found resilience and growth. But it took me a while to get there, with a lot of pains and gains along the way.

I changed when I lost a parent, I changed when I had my first heartbreak, I changed when I had my first long relationship, I changed when I moved to Australia, I changed when I was preparing to be employed full-time, I changed again when I relocated for love, and again during all those moments in between. And I will continue to change as my life evolves.

It was in this time of recent change that I felt particularly lost. Heartbreak, rejections, free time, vague dreams, goals and comparison. I had/have it all. And like any twenty something, I would wake up in a sweat, revisiting my plan from ten years ago and hit a wall. Not because there wasn’t a way forward but because I wasn’t that person anymore. I wasn’t the girl who wrote that plan. And comparing today’s situation to yesterday’s expectations led me on this path of comparison and confusion, the true thief of joy.

So here goes, my life lesson 27, in the hope that it might help you someday. We constantly question and revisit our life choices. About how they impact the rest of our lives. It is from this worry that I’ve found some of the best things in my life. It was from losing my path that I found myself. I now focus on the values and people that matter to me most, and that has helped me discover new dreams and direction. Exploring this new direction, led to a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities waiting to be exposed and transformed.

So here I am, this is me. Someone who lost her path but found her way and self.

Let’s breathe in the possibilities and breathe out the uncertainty.

Here’s to turning 27 through the chaos and the calm.

Photo by Zhen Hu on Unsplash