The other woman

Your heart tells you it’s wrong
Your mind tells you to walk away
But in your bones, he’s the one you long for
He’s the reason you stay…always.

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Everything, everything

We are everything we are and intend to be,
we are everything in between,
wrapped in fractured maps of logic and love,
and unbroken laughter.

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the summer’s breeze

may you someday find your heart
even when everything feels like it is falling apart
with the soft summer’s breeze
to pink your cheeks and warm your soul

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dance to the sound of fire

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maybe we are round pegs in square holes
with minds and dreams beyond our years
so breathe you, breathe to the rhythm of your soul
live not to be liked, live to remember
your stories aren’t for the rubble
they’re for the world, to be told

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living prayer

i see your eyes dancing
to the flickering lights
as the shadows shimmer
on our balcony tiles

you’re my living prayer

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Maternal instincts

Don’t let them dim your light
Always shine on

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silver lining

to the eyes that feel,
and the romantic hearts that see,
there’s a silver lining

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