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New Year Resolutions

New Year: Revised and renewed

Every December is filled with this sudden burst of excitement in the air. We start writing our own year-end analysis, listing down what went right and wrong. We discuss our plans and resolutions for the new year and vow to right all wrongs. Soon, new year’s eve is just the same, filled with cheer and celebration with our near and dear ones and the next day we wake up with a clean slate. We wake up feeling rejuvenated and with the will to do things differently; to right wrongs, to fulfil dreams. We’re filled with renewed hope and enthusiasm and list down resolutions for the year ahead of us.

Light House Cafe

Beer in a bar: Light House Café, Khar, Mumbai

Beer in a bar just got a lot more interesting. I recently visited the Light House Cafe, Khar, Mumbai for a girl’s day out and the quaint café didn’t disappoint. During November, LHC introduced its beer and burger festival that offered an interesting range of beer cocktails.


Give thanks

Often we forget to value the good that comes to us because we take it for granted. Sure, come this time of the year everyone brings out their turkeys and cameras and celebrates thanksgiving. We finally count our blessings, only to get back to the vicious circle of never-ending woes. Why not celebrate thanksgiving every day of our lives?

The winds of change had a way of stealing her glow
The sound of silence crept in and took over her soul
She looked around
All that she was left with was her wasted love

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Happy Friendship Day

Sunrises, sunsets and bottles of Jack!

My relationships have defined me over the years. Whether its learning the art of honesty and loyalty from my best friends or how to be fun loving and passionate from my friends at work. My friends continue to teach me the art of life and help me be a better version of myself.

Ed Sheeran Mumbai

Magic X: My rendezvous with Ed Sheeran

There’s your idea of love and then there’s a lego house filled with love built by Ed Sheeran. Once upon a chai I received this random call. A call that went like “Hey Chriselle! Congratulations!!! You’ve won a ticket to the Ed Sheeran concert in Bombay and a Meet & Greet with the man himself!” And as the date neared, I was living the dream – Ed Sheeran, his guitar and my racing heart.

What it's like to love a girl without a father

What it means when she pulls away

I haven’t ever really thought about being different or feeling emotionally needy because of who I’d become. But it was true. I always looked for the most “ideal” thing but when it got real, I always pulled away.

That Doggone Lady

Giving hope since the 1980s


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Silent Expressions

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Asla İdeallerinden Vazgeçme Asla! Never Give Up Your İdeals Never!

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