The story

We all have a rehearsed set of lines similar to our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn bios. These are usually simple yet exciting enough, witty but safe. It is the story you know people want to hear even if it is not yours to tell. It is a story of our past achievements, our future aspirations, our talents and outward appearances. It is a story meant for the file.

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Lose it all

We try so hard to be the best version of ourselves For the world, for others we think are our world We give what they want, we give it our all And in trying to create this perfect bubble We lose the person that matters most through it all We lose purpose, we lose love…we lose ourselves.

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What it means when she pulls away

I haven’t ever really thought about being different or feeling emotionally needy because of who I’d become. But it was true. I always looked for the most “ideal” thing but when it got real, I always pulled away.

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