There’s a birthday in heaven

14 July 2020. This is your 12th birthday in heaven, somewhere over the rainbows. Just like every birthday since your first one in heaven, I baked you something special to celebrate. Something sweet, to remember your sweet soul by. Whilst your birthday brings back the memories, I think of you everyday. I think of you…

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You’re my favourite hurricane

Our decisions might fight back and life could knock us off course but together, we’re here to breathe, meeting our future as it becomes our present.

From being a force of energy that holds the power to consume me, you are more importantly my centre of gravity. You complete me. Let’s find that joy, maybe?

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Romanticise: Make a Good Girl Go Crazy

Do the little things you can do and make her happy. Make her smile in the middle of nowhere and capture that moment. It’s these little things that build a lifetime together. Sometimes, looking the other way can make your happiness wither away. Love needs no grand gestures but simple efforts. You may have it all figured out or not at all. Skip the grand premiere and set the stage for a private screening.

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