You’re my favourite hurricane

Our decisions might fight back and life could knock us off course but together, we’re here to breathe, meeting our future as it becomes our present.

From being a force of energy that holds the power to consume me, you are more importantly my centre of gravity. You complete me. Let’s find that joy, maybe?

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silver lining

to the eyes that feel,
and the romantic hearts that see,
there’s a silver lining

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fleeting emotions

What is it about
fleeting emotions captured
to have and to hold?

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Ocean grace

Breathe, the ocean whispered.

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Flowers have always been a token of love, appreciation, and encouragement on different occasions – marriage, death, promotions, birthdays and so on. What’s their story?

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Ocean blues

Sinking into the horizon, our love lost in the colours of the earth, for it was but a drop in the ocean. Naina Gahlaut / @naina_89 / INSTAGRAM

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