Note to self: Be thankful for those that let you down

People will disappoint you in life. Friendships you’ve had for years will fall apart. People you’ve looked up to will not always have your interest at heart. Strangers will not always be who they say they are. The loves of your life will change and often, you might even disappoint yourself with life choices and roads less taken. This will happen at home and at work.

Never let anyone walk all over your love or allow them to shake your confidence. Those that matter will find a way to find common ground, as will you.

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Note to self: You’re only one call away

In a world driven and divided by selfish motives, corporate greed, extremist religious beliefs, radical political ideologies, online bullying, and war, embody the morality you believe in. Your wellness and that of others rest in your hands as much as it does in those with the power to implement change. You and I can make a difference to worlds that are otherwise challenging, conflicting and chaotic. Practice random acts of kindness for friends, your family and strangers. You are a spoke on the wheel of growth, development and love. The greatest innovations came from the homes of compassionate yet driven individuals. Social activists were once young readers challenged by authority too. You are not alone, your fight isn’t just yours alone.

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To the ships that sailed…

…what if? Maybe I have a type or maybe it’s just my luck. My past relationships started with the boys convincing me there was a chance for “us”, until I was totally sucked in and in love. That’s when things started to change. Turns out, once you’re over this “challenge” phase of any relationship, you…

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The best people

Here’s to my best people — at home and away — you encourage me to be a better version of myself everyday. You encourage me to wake up and love life. You teach me unconditional love. You show me what means to be family. You show me the meaning of true friendship. You lead me to the light.

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Twenty-four and a half wishes

The year went by in the blink of an eye. In the midst of two trying semesters, balancing work and trying to live it up as a twenty-something in this city of coffee and art, I find myself feeling optimistic again. Footpaths are covered in colourful petals from springtime, and the wind is warm. The skies are bright at nighttime, and the birds wake you up with their cheerful sing-song.

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22 June 2008

Originally posted on Sun, moon & potatoes:
We got in the elevator and he wrapped his arm around me to try and comfort me. Comfort is a funny thing. Most other times it’s just awkward. I mean what do you tell your niece who understands nothing about death? I feel my uncle’s hand trembling against…

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dance to the sound of fire

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maybe we are round pegs in square holes
with minds and dreams beyond our years
so breathe you, breathe to the rhythm of your soul
live not to be liked, live to remember
your stories aren’t for the rubble
they’re for the world, to be told

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Why do we set ourselves up for disappointment?

Who decides who’s better than you?

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silver lining

to the eyes that feel,
and the romantic hearts that see,
there’s a silver lining

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